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The first choice in commercial line striping & sport court color coating in the northeast for over two decades.

At A-Plus Striping, we're more than just a line striping company. As a Veteran Owned Small Business and a fully-insured Public Works Contractor, we've been providing unparalleled services since 2000 across New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. Our expertise doesn't stop at line striping and pavement marking; we also specialize in crafting and maintaining sports courts, ensuring they are not only visually appealing but also meet the highest standards of quality and safety. Whether it's a basketball court, a tennis court, or any other sports surface, our team is equipped to deliver with precision and efficiency. We pride ourselves on professional service, timely completion, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Choose A Plus Striping for a comprehensive range of services, where each project is handled with the same dedication to excellence.
A Plus Striping offers expert Line Painting in Northern NJ, Western CT, Eastern PA & the Mid-Hudson Valley, NY areas, specializing in durable, compliant markings for parking lots and roads. Our efficient, ADA-compliant service ensures top-quality results for safety and functionality, making us the ideal choice for professional line painting solutions.
At A Plus Striping, we bring excitement and color to playgrounds and schoolyards in the Northern NJ, Western CT, Eastern PA & the Mid-Hudson Valley, NY areas, with our Outdoor Children's Games service. Our designs, ranging from classic hopscotch to customized game layouts, are crafted with durable, high-quality paint for enduring playtime fun. We focus on creating interactive, engaging play areas that not only look great but also enhance the play experience for children. Opt for A Plus Striping to transform any outdoor space into a vibrant and safe play haven.
A Plus Striping's Sport Court Color Coating service in Northern NJ, Western CT, Eastern PA & the Mid-Hudson Valley, NY areas, provides expertly crafted, vibrant court markings for sports like basketball, tennis, and pickleball, ensuring both playability and compliance with professional standards. Our high-quality court surfaces are ideal for both recreational and competitive play. In addition to Color Coating we are the Northeast's £1 recommended crack repair and post install company. Choose A Plus Striping for a visually striking, game-ready sports court that elevates the playing experience.
Enhancing safety and functionality, A Plus Striping offers top-notch Traffic Signs & Bollards installation in Northern NJ, Western CT, Eastern PA & the Mid-Hudson Valley, NY areas. Our services include high-quality, durable traffic signs and robust bollards, designed to meet safety standards and provide efficient directional guidance and parking management. With a focus on precision, durability, and a range of options to fit various needs, we ensure your property is well-equipped for traffic control and safety. Trust A Plus Striping for effective, reliable traffic management solutions.
Delivering precise and high-visibility road and intersection marking services, A Plus Striping ensures safer navigation for drivers and pedestrians in the Northern NJ, Western CT, Eastern PA & the Mid-Hudson Valley, NY areas. Our expertise in this area focuses on creating clear, compliant markings for various roadway needs, including crosswalks, stop lines, and directional arrows. Using materials designed for longevity and visibility, we enhance road safety and efficiency. Our commitment to quality in road and intersection marking makes A Plus Striping a reliable choice for municipal and private roadway projects.
With our Warehouse & Garage Marking services, A Plus Striping caters to the needs of indoor spaces in Northern NJ, Western CT, Eastern PA & the Mid-Hudson Valley, NY areas. We understand the importance of well-organized and clearly marked warehouses and garages for safety and efficiency. Our service includes marking pathways, parking spots, loading zones, and safety areas, using durable materials suitable for high-traffic indoor environments. Our precise, clearly visible markings are designed to streamline operations and enhance safety, making A Plus Striping the smart choice for your warehouse and garage marking requirements.
For durable, high-visibility road solutions, A Plus Striping's Thermoplastic Markings service in Northern NJ, Western CT, Eastern PA & the Mid-Hudson Valley, NY areas, stands out. Our thermoplastic application is perfect for high-traffic areas, offering a skid-resistant, long-lasting surface. This method is ideal for roadways, pedestrian crossings, and parking lots, ensuring safety and compliance. Our team's precision in applying thermoplastic markings guarantees enhanced visibility and durability, meeting both municipal and commercial needs. Trust A Plus Striping for robust, effective thermoplastic road solutions.
A Plus Striping's Asphalt Maintenance service is essential for preserving and extending the life of asphalt surfaces in Northern NJ, Western CT, Eastern PA, and the Mid-Hudson Valley, NY areas. Our comprehensive approach includes crack filling, sealcoating, and pothole repair, ensuring your asphalt remains in top condition. Regular maintenance not only enhances appearance but also prevents costly repairs in the future. Trust A Plus Striping for thorough and reliable asphalt maintenance, keeping your surfaces safe, smooth, and durable.
A Plus Striping's Line Removal service extends across Northern NJ, Western CT, Eastern PA, and the Mid-Hudson Valley, NY areas, offering a crucial solution for updating and maintaining clear roadways and parking areas. Our service specializes in removing old or incorrect markings efficiently, preparing surfaces for new, accurate applications. This is essential for ensuring safety, compliance, and optimal navigation in high-traffic areas. Our team employs advanced techniques to ensure clean and thorough removal, making A Plus Striping the go-to choice for professional line removal needs in these regions.
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A plus consistently turns out quality line striping work. They've been very responsive & reliable for us. We appreciate having them as a vendor.
Kimberly S. from Google
We hired them and quickly booked the job. Their workers were extremely friendly, professional and efficient! GREAT HONEST COMPANY! We will certainly be doing more business with them and I will continue to refer out to my commercial real estate clients as well! Couldn't be happier with A PLUS STRIPING!
Debi Z. from Google
A pleasure to talk to while the work on my b-ball court striping was being done. Their knowledge and efficiency and time to take accurate measurements were all great. Working with the A Plus office was always courteous and a pleasure.
David L. from Google
To all of our loyal & repeat customers - It has been a pleasure working with all of you!
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